Vpnarea Review

Vpnarea reviewVPNArea is a very good service with servers in many countries. However, their real server count is on the small side. If you are looking for a larger server pool, you might try a service like NordVPN. We were pleased to discover that VPNArea can be unblocking Netflix and It is the best choice for streaming. It has been launched in early 2011, VPNArea actually is a European company who host their Headquarter servers and emails in Switzerland, but it really based in Bulgaria, which has allowed for their “No Logs” policy. They have owned and operated by Offshore Security LTD. Not any Offshore Security LTD’s first raid into the online security and privacy industry, they have worked on online privacy plans before. With the use of VPNAREA, you have able to unblock any and all websites of your choosing regardless of geographical location. The VPNArea has severed in 51 dissimilar countries around the globe and at the moment this provider appears to be providing 190 servers for its substructure. They have provided quick VPN servers from within the USA to Central and Eastern Europe around Asia and Australasia.VPNArea Review


VPNArea Review

VPNArea is priding themselves on encrypting their client’s Internet traffic with an indestructible 256 bits AES encryption, keeping any would-be privacy interlopers at bay. They have allowed you limitless bandwidth. Meanings that experience zero regulate you even after hours of streaming, downloading or playing online games.
There are some ways to get the service linked to your device, and the easiest for Windows and Macintosh users is to download the swift Chameleon software directly from the members’ area of their website. Between their exceptional features that set them above the competition is their Kill-Switch – a very useful setting that automatically closes down any web-based apps if the VPNarea separates. They also have provided a built-in Anti-DNS Leak function which, when enabled, defends your connection from leaking the unique DNS records after you have visited different websites. And finally, their Auto-IP changed option that swaps user IP address at a frequency of their choosing.

The cell phone app worked seamlesslyDownload instructions confusing; must be followed closely for program to work
Customer service seemed genuinely interested in helping
Privacy is protected; they’re not part of the 14 eyes and don’t log data
Fully autonomous iOS app for iPhone/iPad on App Store
Desktop app for Mac and Windows (no always-on-top, no leaks, new design)
24/7 Live Chat

VPNArea has provided three methods of client support to its users. You can email them with your question, contact them via Skype or use the live chat to resolve your all problems. Pretty inclusive coverage if you are having any problem.

Number of Countries when it has severed68
How many serveries it has provided209
Does VPNarea keep logs? NO
Does it has included a kill switch?Yes
How many devices per license5

Privacy Policy:

VPNarea has destined to keep your personal information from the rest of the world when you have surfing the internet. The best services have a strong no-logs policy, which located in a jurisdiction with no data retaining laws. They should also be implementing security features that protect your privacy.

VPNarea review

Security Features:

Security always goes hand in hand with privacy. The leading VPNarea services should have robust, indestructible encryptions. The VPNarea service should be implementing other security features such as a kill switch, protection against all leaks, a firewall, & complication technology. Healthy security features have been allowed VPN services to bypass limits easily.

VPNArea Review

Speed, Performance, and Bandwidth:

Besides of all privacy, you might need to use a VPNarea for speed intensive tasks such as downloading files or even streaming. In this extreme case, the best VPNarea to consider is one that offering lightning speeds without any buffering. The VPN should also have limitless bandwidth and should not be leggy or slowing your connection to intolerable levels.

VPNArea Review

Simultaneous Connections:

The best VPNarea has been given you the best worth for your money. So, you have should be considered one that offers many concurrent connections. The simultaneous connections should not have affected the performance of the VPN area. On the other hand, you can be using multiple devices with only a single subscription.

Server Coverage

This server coverage commands which locations you can be accessing services from. This is most important in bypassing geo-restrictions. Consequently, it’s wise to consider server locations when you are choosing a service.

VPNArea Review

What are the advantages of using a VPNarea?

VPNarea services have provided priceless service for anybody using the internet service. Though people will opt to use a VPN for dissimilar reasons, some of the main benefits you can gain are:

Bypassing Censorship

Can you save money online by changing your geolocation?
Whether you have to look for more privacy or security or you need to access content that is geo-blocked for some reason, you shared your files or stream a game, VPNarea has provided you with the advantages you are looking for.

Can you trust on VPNarea?

In a word, yes…and no. A dependable VPNarea can be trusted, while dubious services are better left alone. How can the user know? You look for privacy and encryption standards. Every good VPNarea service will have strong encryption protocols, obviously stated privacy plans (like no logging), and strong security features, like DNS leak protection.

VPNArea Review

How I used a VPN for streaming?

Streaming with a VPN is easy and very simple. You can sign up for the service and plan of your choice. After logging into your internet account, you must turn on your VPNarea. You can be choosing manually a server/country to stream from or let the service choose the suitable one for you. You can visit your beloved TV show streaming site, and enjoy your show!

VPNArea Review

Is VPNArea free VPN safe?

Additional one-word answer, no. Free VPNs do not have or use the capitals to ensure that your connections are secure. This leaves you have opened and susceptible to spammers, government agencies, hackers, geo-restrictions, and other issues you are trying to avoid with a VPN. Only a dedicated VPN service with reliable security protocols can be trusted to get the job done. Plus, free sites usually limit your bandwidth, making for sluggish connections.

Expert Tips

Linking to a VPNarea before surfing the internet, is vital. A good VPN will encrypt your browsing activity, redirect your online circulation through a secure tunnel—thus masking your true individuality from intruding eyes of governments, ISPs, as well as cybercriminals. Also, a good VPN will be allowing you to enjoy maximum speeds, overcome heavy censorship, and unblock geo-restricted websites.

It has appealing Features and Performance of VPNArea:

Why VPNArea was joined by 10000 users? Why 90% Netizens sign up with a 1-year plan? The best features and highlights of VPNArea that really set VPNArea separately and outclass the competition on the chart below:

  • It can change IP to 69 countries: limitless access to VPNArea’s huge and Fast VPN network. It never oversold. It has also provided High speed optimized.
  • It has can Connect 6 devices at a time: it has allowed 6 devices like PCs, Phones to concurrently connect to the services or share user account with their friends, family or colleagues.
  • It has provided Unlimited bandwidth: Don’t worry about your important data consumption, there are no limits.
  • It’s Speed Test: Test Ping and Download speed to find out the fastest server for all its clients.
  • It has also P2P Allowed: You can be downloading P2P content even on VPNArea servers in nearly all countries, even in USA/Canada
  • You have Special Streaming servers: it can unlock your favorite content from away with specially designed streaming servers (named NFLX)
  • It can have provided No Logs DNS policy: Your DNS has requested turning domain like google.com into IP was not logged thanks to our own DNS servers
  • Devices Supported Skills: VPNArea has been provided software and apps which work well with all concern version of Windows, Android, iOS, MACOS, Linux, and routers. You can be getting setup instructions from the VPNArea support team.

VPNArea Review

Vpnarea Chameleon

VPNArea Chameleon for Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.

How VPNArea worked and what is VPNArea Chameleon? The VPN provider VPNArea freshly announced a new private protocol that hidden as VPN traffic allowed it to infiltrate national firewalls. VPN is a good tool to protect security and privacy, but it can’t be entirely anonymous. For firewalls in other countries like Iran and China that recognized VPN traffic through deep packet detection, VPNArea has been offered its qualified clients a private Protocol named Chameleon Protocol that can simply evade detection by firewalls. VPNArea has the fastest VPN servers in over 70 countries. You can be gotten access to VPNArea’s fast VPN network and take full advantage of the vast high-speed VPN organization. Most of the VPNArea servers have been optimized for P2P, and you have allowed to gaming or torrenting. What’s more, VPNArea provides limitless bandwidth. It mostly uses the military-grade AES-256 encryption to encrypt all the internetworking. AES-256 encryption is indestructible bank-grade encryption that can be keeping from Internet Service Providers, WiFi snoopers, and hackers. This VPN does not keep logs as they have a strict no-logging policy. It has allowed six simultaneous connections on numerous devices. Ad blocking, kill switch, double VPN is for all employed into VPNArea skills. VPNArea has provided a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you have not satisfied with the VPNArea service, you can be asking their support team for a refund. VPNArea has fully compatible with all famous systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux and other platforms. It has provided a 49% discount if you sign up for a year + 7-day money-back guarantee. The VPNArea Chameleon for Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS is the toughest and brilliant technology to help circumvent the restriction.
VPNArea Chameleon or ‘Stealth VPN’ is only a VPN server or procedure that is able to disguise VPN traffic as regular web traffic, even when exposed to deep packet review by your network administrator or firewall. VPNArea Chameleon can either be executed on a server or protocol. When you have used a VPNArea Chameleon protocol or server, your VPN usage cannot be noticed by firewalls or applications that want to block VPN traffic.


VPNArea Review: The VPNarea has one of the final privacy and security tools in this numerical age. Now VPNarea has changed to offer other functionalities, such as streaming and ahead access to limited services on the internet. The above best services for 2019 will give you seamless knowledge when surfing the internet. They have been chosen prudently to offer you the best value for your money.

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