Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark VPN Review

Optimized for streamingLacks a free trial
Advanced encryption
Monthly plans are expensive
DNS leak protection
Ad block feature
30-day money-back guarantee
24/7 live chat
Works with Netflix, YouTube Red, and BBC iPlayer
Accepts Crypto currency payments​

Surfshark VPN Review

While is still comparatively new on the market, the services have already made a name for itself. It has provided fast speeds for gaming, streaming and torrenting, unblocks sites such as Hulu and Netflix, blocks malware and ads, and has protected your important personal data. Though, since it is still new, the service is a work in progress and wants further upgrades, such as its accessibility for Windows users, which is still in the beta phase of testing.

Surfshark VPN Review

The Basics

Surfshark VPN Review 2020: Unlike some providers that specialize in exact services, Surfshark says that it can do the whole thing you want. But how does the VPN perform in each category? Can it certainly bypass geo-blocks, maintain fast speeds, and keep your personal info safe?

I have put the Surfshark with my strongest tests to see it lives up its claims. Its best option is it is now available at low-cost, but it does not mean much if it can’t provide on the features user needs most. I thoroughly checked on server coverage, it conducted speeds tests, observed over its safety measures, which has examined its interface and ease-of-use and even put its customer support on the spot.

Pricing and Deals

You can easily choose from 3 dissimilar subscriptions:

Surfshark VPN Review

The Surfshark’s 24-month subscription @ 1.95 $ per month is one of the low-priced on the market today, whereas, the company’s monthly subscription service is one of the costliest. It’s every plan has a 30-days money-back guarantee, permitting for great flexibility. Users also have numerous billing options credit card, Alipay, PayPal and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple.

Ease of Use

This VPN is one of the easiest VPNs to use. Its home screen is very simple with one button that used to connect and disconnect from the server. If you have wanted to see the settings on your VPN, just clicking the gear-shaped icon on the top right of your P.C screen. It has quite a long list of features that can help you to optimize your VPN experience. This VPN’s minimalist user interface is designed for ease of use. Its older app is both appealingly pleasing and a breeze to navigate. On the left side is a clear list of all server locations, along with a search bar to help the user rapidly find what he is looking for. At the end bottom right is the Quick Connect button that will automatically connect you to the most optimal server based on your location.

Surfshark VPN Review

This has provided the easiest platform which makes for smooth user experience, even for beginners.
When you first-time open Surfshark on a new device, this app gives you some help and guideline about the login and installation process. For instance, this app walks you through the procedure of giving permission. It also has separated the interface for the MultiHop feature which is equally user-friendly. Its settings menu is very simple and straightforward. Even if you’re new to use VPNs, you should have no worry about taking benefit of Surfshark’s advanced features. Surfshark’s mobile app has also attractive and easy to use: The Surfshark has created an optimistic user experience with its well-designed native apps. The interface is very clear for both first-time VPN users using basic functions and experienced clients using more advanced settings.

It’s a very rare chance that we have found a VPN app design with no discernible flaws, but we were very impressed with what Surfshark has accomplished. Surfshark’s natural apps and browser extensions are easy and instinctive to use. They feature a clean and minimal interface that anyone can navigate. Its installation process is very quick and straightforward. You’ll need to enter your login identifications to set up a new device. Its quick connect feature has made it easy to find a fast server. If you prefer, you can be manually select a server location with a single click. It has also some useful advanced features which improved your browsing experience, including an ad blocker. This VPN has advanced features that are clearly labeled and easily available in the settings menu.

Surfshark VPN Review Privacy

This VPN based in the British Virgin Islands. Surfshark has a very durable privacy policy. Because of all these where the company has based. It is not dependent on data-storing laws, that a reason, it is effortlessly able to keep its commitment to not store logs of users’ browsing history. In terms & conditions of security, this VPN has matched the best VPNs on the market. Its service does not compromise on delivering speed by using a combination of the IKEv2 safety protocol and AES-256-GCM encryption. This VPN has been utilized BlindSearch (private search tool) and Hacklack (data leak alert system) to increase the privacy of its users. Getting a very big benefit that this VPN provider has offered is that iOS users will not have to face any problems with their battery life even while retaining all its security features. Many other VPNs in the world are struggling to keep up smartphone battery life though still providing high levels of security.

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  • Which package you have chosen, these features of Surfshark has remained the same. The only difference between the three packages is the price. Placed below I give the list of features for Surfshark VPN:
  • This VPN has over a thousand servers spread across 50 countries.
  • Users can be adding unlimited devices without speed or security being compromised.
  • This service had MultiHop, which are using a double VPN chain to hide online working.
  • Surfshark has been given a kill switch that will repeatedly switch off your VPN connection if it is compromised.
  • It also has CleanWeb, which confirms their users that all malware, trackers, and ads are blocked.
  • User online activity cannot be checked with IP masking.
  • User personal data cannot be stolen or misused thanks to strong data encryption.
  • This VPN also has a severe no-logging policy. This means that your data is not saved and so will not be used by corporations or governments.
  • Even if users are using any public WiFi, they will still have complete privacy.
  • You have also protected from DNS leaks with Surfshark.
  • To increase privacy, Surfshark has allowed you to use TOR along with their service.
  • Its new free feature – TrustDNS app has just been launched with a purpose to provide the basic stratum of privacy for everyone.
  • This VPN has been supported / Localization to 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese).
  • It has reversed the split-tunneling feature (revers Whitelister): you can be choosing only specific apps or websites to use VPN.
  • Its new Static IP feature is now available on Windows and Android and will be adding to other apps.
  • This VPN now supports the new Shadosocks protocol (Windows and Android) – which is very few VPNs support it.

Surfshark VPN Review


The VPN has been offered its users ultra-fast speed. When we have tested this claim, we found it to be mostly true. When the user not using a VPN, the base speed was about 60 Mbps. Internet speed is using Surfshark for numerous locations was:

Surfshark VPN Review

When the VPN was set to a server in Italy:

  • On behalf of the European server, its normal speed was between 45 to 50 Mbps.
  • But its servers which are in the United States has given lower speeds of between 20 to 25 Mbps.
  • And this VPN has also provided speed between 10 and 20 Mbps in Australia and New Zealand.

These all are still exceptional speeds compared to any other VPNs. However, the service is still new, so it remains to be realized whether the company can continue these levels of speed as its client base grows.


It depends on which part of the world you are log in, torrenting can either be a serious offense or something that is simply overlooked. However, with the use of Surfshark, users don’t want to worry about that. Both Torrenting and also P2P sharing are supported by Surfshark. All the users have needed to do connect to the location they prefer and access any website they want. If they connect to Surfshark though running a P2P program they will be repeatedly routed through its servers in Canada or Netherlands.


The amazing VPN unlocks 16 dissimilar Netflix libraries, including Netflix US. It’s many more challenging to unlock many Netflix libraries that just one. Disparate Surfshark, other VPN companies, like as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, have not been able to regularly unblock Netflix US. As well as HotStar in India, Netflix France, and Netflix US, these companies also let the user stream BBC iPlayer and Hulu. At this strong point, the Surfshark VPN is still a new entrant in the market and so has stayed under the detector, particularly for famous platforms like Netflix. So, once again, as the provider’s user base grows, it has remained to be seen whether the service will positively continue to unblock such popular sites.

Client Setup

The user setup is too simple, even a new Lerner using VPN for the first time won’t worry about it. It is placed out so efficiently and logically, that circumnavigating between different areas of that platform is easy. This VPN has also ensured that the look of the customer interface remains the same no matter which kind of device or platform they are using. All they need to do is download the application to their browser or device and follow the simple prompts.


Surfshark VPN Review

The Surfshark app is fully compatible with different platforms like Windows (still in beta), iOS, FireTV, macOS, Android and browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. There is a new multipurpose design in all Surfshark apps, including the Firefox and Chrome extensions. After the result of Surfshark for Windows is still in beta, and it is still a question mark as to how well it will be working in the future. But, iOS now permitting OpenVPN too.

Is Surfshark Compatible with My Device?

This most famous VPN is compatible with all main devices. It has dedicated apps that are offered for Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and more. This VPN also has offered secure browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. On the use of the website, users can find manually installation guides for Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Fire TV, and all other platforms it supports. The SmartDNS’s powerful feature has allowed you to unlock US content on devices that may not support VPNs, like Smart TVs and game consoles. This feature is very easy to set up and use, so you can connect and go.

Here I try to disclose some differences in the Surfshark app across devices.

For example, the Windows and Android native apps have allowed the user to select his VPN protocol in the Settings, while the macOS and iOS apps do not do this. However, Surfshark did a better job keeping features reliable across platforms than most companies. All of the native apps have the best automatic kill switch, NoBorders mode, MultiHop, and the CleanWeb feature is also available on all devices. One more outstanding part of the service is that you can be connecting unlimited immediate devices with one subscription.


This VPN has kept all users safe with robust AES 256-bit encryption, and also provides optional ChaCha encryption for Android users. It has supported OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, and also Shadowsocks protocol for Windows. This VPN has an open-source encrypted proxy. It has another helpful tool to bypass strict internet restriction, especially in China. It has typically best to stick with an OpenVPN connection for the finest security. Surfshark has permitted macOS and iOS apps to use IKEv2 by default, but the user can manually configure an OpenVPN connection if he prefers. Windows, iOS, and Android apps have also allowed you to choose between TCP and UDP OpenVPN connections.

Surfshark VPN Protocols and Encryption

Surfshark VPN Review

The devoted desktop app of Surfshark packs has two VPN protocols, i.e IKEv2, and OpenVPN with a difference of UDP and TCP. Speaking about OpenVPN, the iOS app of Surfshark VPN now supports OpenVPN protocol. Surfshark has also freshly added Shadowsocks protocol in the Android and Windows apps, but it has still in the beta testing phase. The IKEv2 protocol is although quick and has offered outstanding smartphone compatibility, it isn’t the safe protocol out there. There is proof of NSA actively exploiting this protocol. The OpenVPN, on the other hand, is the industry standard and the safest protocol currently used by VPN providers. If we talk about encryption, This VPN uses AES-256-CBC/AES-256-GCM cryptography standards. This level of encryption is also very capable and can thwart even the most advanced hackers.

Customer Support

Surfshark’s client service is exceptional. These service levels are seeming from the moment you entered the company’s website. Users have a team available 24/7 on live chat and email. It has support for any problems you may face is also prompt. You generally get a resolution within a few hours. Extraordinary, Surfshark does the best working on creating a knowledge base on its website. Though, with only 30 articles in the FAQ and other categories, it is not yet a big library. We have pleased with the excellence of Surfshark’s customer service. We have founded the 24/7 live chat support team to be responsive, friendly, and informative.

Surfshark VPN Review

When any user has submitted the question, the chatbox tells him his position in the queue: The live chat has supported functioned correctly as advertised. Since the client service is such an important part of a premium VPN service, Surfshark has provided high-quality customer support is a huge plus.


I closed my review to end this Surfshark VPN review, is that it may not be the most famous service in the VPNs world right now, but it is certainly comparable to some of the best VPNs in the industry.
Surfshark is sensibly fast, has numerous outstanding privacy and security features, supports torrenting, and even it unblocks Netflix well. With the use of these features list and continuous updates, Surfshark is undoubtedly on its way to join the top VPN club.