NordVPN Review

This VPN has hundreds of servers around the world and it can be personalized to fit any user’s needs from gaming toP2P file sharing, data security to expanded content availability.

NordVPN Review

OVERALL RANK#3 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITYVery Easy To use
LOCATIONS59 countries, 5200+ servers
SUPPORTLive Chat (24/7)
TORRENTINGP2P & Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIXUnblocks Netflix USA
LOG FILESStrict No Logging Policy

Why we choosing Nord VPN

When a user seeking the anonymity of data and browsing, he needs a trustworthy and safe VPN that he can trust. NordVPN has provided more than 5,000 servers in 58 countries around the world and it can be personalized to fit any client’s requirements, from gaming to P2P file sharing, data safety to expanded content availability. Is this VPN a fully secure and trustworthy service provider? Gently read my invention/investigation to find out more about this powerful VPN.

NordVPN Review

The NordVPN was made in 2012 by four best friends who wanted to create a modern Internet experience. Their main objectives are to combat restriction and unwanted investigation. They have started with the small one, along with only one server, after going days today they have to keep expanding it and now this powerful VPN has more than 5,300 servers around the world. This is a huge achievement in the VPN world and also it is one of the largest server networks in the VPN industry. The NordVPN has based in Panama and consequently not part of the 5-eyes and 14-eyes associations. Those worldwide security associations have known to put pressure on VPN companies to reveal user activity, but this VPN can’t be affected. Panama has very harsh copyright laws. But, although NordVPN is based there, it doesn’t have any servers in Panama, thus it skirts the local laws on banned downloads.

Do I recommend NordVPN?

I thoroughly recommend NordVPN to those people who worth both privacy and speed, need something low-priced, and want something that can be unblocking websites and apps like Netflix easily. NordVPN has been worked in China and it is very easy for beginners to learn it and pick up in a few minutes. The NordVPN’s apps have included a trickle of specialty servers including dual VPN, P2P, and dedicated IP addresses. This VPN has operated over 5,200 servers in 60 countries, and that number will maybe have gone up by time to time you read this. The NordVPN works military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. This VPN app uses the IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols by default, it just depends on your internet device. Torrenting is allowed, and the service follows a strict zero-logs policy.

Apps: What devices work with NordVPN?

NordVPN Review

The NordVPN has allowed up to six devices to connect with the same time on one account, so this is a great option if user wants to share with their family or a colleague. This Apps has available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV.

Pricing and Plans

NordVPN Review

There is only one level of VPN service which has offered by NordVPN; also you’re in or you’re out. The price plans offered by the NordVPN get low-priced depending on how long you sign up for. Its monthly payment plan is the costliest at $11.90 per month. And its other options are 1-year, 2-years, and 3-years plans which are available per month on the 3-year plan working out at $3.49. Be alert though, that users have to pay for their plan upfront. So, if they take out the 1-month plan, they will have to pay $11.90 there and then. The subscription fee is on a repeat cycle system, so they will be charged again repeatedly when that month expires. If clients take out the 3-year plan, they will pay $125.60. This VPN company will take out one more fee from your account once that 3-years have expired. If the believed in paying for a service that clients haven’t even tried puts their off, so don’t worry. NordVPN has offered a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans. I have trying put that promise to the test and I can be confirmed that this company issues refunds without putting up a fight.


The master screen of this app has provided a map of the world with an easier menu bar to the left. The map has shown a marker in each country where NordVPN has servers. All users just click on a marker and get connected to this VPN server in that specific country. This system will automatically be assigned you and the server has provided the list of all of the servers that it has in that country. When you are connected, you will get a system notification bottom of the left of your system screen and the marker you pressed will turn green.

NordVPN Review
It is possible to choose a detailed server in the concerned country of your choice and this is where the side menu bar comes in. These lists of the menu all the countries that NordVPN has servers in. When the user hovers his pointer over a country on the menu icon, in the form of 3-dots seems to the right of the country. When clicking on this gets you a pop-up where you can be selecting a city or a concerned server. This server selection list should the existing amount of capacity usage on that machine. Users can also mark a concerned server as a preferred for direct access in the future.


  • Stay secure online – no matter what
  • Know that your data is always private
  • Enjoy the internet with no restrictions
  • Feel safe on any device
  • Get assistance 24/7

Smart play

Its feature “Smart-Play™” function has given you access to streaming services. It has combined the ideas of smart DNS and VPNs to allow users to doge regional detection and getting access to streaming services that typically block overseas access. This is the very best feature if users are traveling and not impressed by the local TV. Users can easily access TV from home over the Internet. This feature is combined into NordVPNs servers, so clients don’t have to look for it as an option – it is repeatedly in play when they connect.


This strong tool is available in both the apps and also in the browser extensions for NordVPN. This system has been blocked ads and trackers and it also stops your computer system from making part of a botnet – a system used by hackers to cripple other computers through a DDoS attack. NordVPN has operated a blacklist of infected and mischievous websites. If users have CyberSec twisted, the security system will check that blacklist any time you surf to a new website. If the site is on the list, CyberSec will be blocking it from loading into your browser and save you from being damaged.

P2P servers

Its right menu list of servers in this app has been included specialty servers. One of the selections in this category is called “P2P.” This menu line has given you access to a list of servers which are exactly standardized to facilitate downloading with torrents. User can be selecting a country from the list available in this selection, or just opt to connect to the fastest P2P server. Torrent downloading is a contentious issue in the VPN industry. Many VPNs state that they don’t allow file sharing, while others will be allowing it, but for legal motives, won’t tell you that. NordVPN is real and open on its website about its receipt of P2P activity on its network.

TOR over VPN

This VPN has a superior feature that can enable users to connect to the TOR network through the best VPN server. TOR meaning “the onion router.” It is a substitute to a VPN and it routes traffic randomly though the computers of volunteers. The system includes layers of encryption and its purpose is to obscure the origin of a connection. However, it is painfully slow and messages continue unencrypted once they leave the network onto the intended destination. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use this facility. It didn’t even appear as an option in this app. I am asking NordVPN about this and experts told me that they were having problems with the service. It hasn’t been dropped, but the service often gets overcome, so they removed all it from these options list. The company hopes to provide a permanent version of this service soon.

Double Hop VPN

One of the best Specialty Servers group in the app is a Double VPN option. This is visible in the mobile version of the app but isn’t instantly available in the Windows version. The user needs to go into the Settings menu and change the default procedure over from TCP to UDP before the option seems on the menu. The Double VPN routes user’s internet connection through two VPN servers, each in a dissimilar country. This creates double encryption on all of the client’s traffic for the stretch between the two VPN servers. One problem that is facing this option is that it will slow down client traffic considerably.

Connect on start

When you can be choosing the option to “Connect on Start” and which VPN network you need to connect to. If you have a preferred that works well for your needs, this can be a great way to bypass boring processes of picking and connecting manually. This is a security feature that makes sure that your device is always protected.

What is Kill switch?

Every kill switch blocked all apps from accessing the internet if the VPN is not active. This is a very significant option because occasionally internet connections drop momentarily and then reconnected. Sometimes, break in the connection may be sufficient to stop the VPN working, while apps running on your device may still try for a response. When the internet connection comes back, those all apps might be picking up the communications thread that they were on and carry on operating without the VPN shield, thus revealing your identity. This VPN has two types of a kill switch. One is a complete internet kill switch and the other just an application kill switch. This will only be blocking selected apps from getting internet access without the VPN while it allowing all other traffic to pass insecure. The kill switch is elective and if the user forgets that he turned it on, you might be getting moments that cause you to panic. It will appear that the user’s internet connection is not working. In fact, it is blocked until the user turns the VPN on.

Multi-platform accessibility

In ease of use, The NordVPN has adapted its service and made programs for computers, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. This is particularly more helpful because you can take your VPN safety on the road with you on your smartphone. Now, sitting in a coffee shop and browsing on your phone is much harmless. With your subscription service, you can be using the application on your computer system at work, your home desktop, your laptop, tablet and smartphone with complete variability. This VPN has permitted to set up the VPN manually of Blackberry, Linux machines, Raspberry Pi and WiFi routers. The NordVPN has produced a browser extension version of its app for Chrome and Firefox. Every NordVPN account has entitled to have 6 concurrent connections. You can easily install the software on more than 6 devices but only 6 of them can be connected at the same time.

NordVPN Servers

  • 59 countries, 5200+ servers

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review USA Servers

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review Europe Servers

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review Asia Pacific Servers

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review Africa, The Middle East, And India Servers

NordVPN Review

Customer service

NordVPN Review

NordVPN has one of the best client support teams in the business. All users can search through the knowledge base, which is very inclusive to answer user’s own problems. If that doesn’t help, you can be accessing a chatbot. This is not an actual person but acts like one and it will try to reply to your queries by doing a better search through the knowledge base than you could. If this bot doesn’t resolve your problems, it will put you through to a real person. This support team can also be contacted by their clients via email and through a form on the website.


Note: Nord has since extremely improved its speed with its fresh TCP window size update and also the introduction of NordLynx on Linux and iOS.

NordVPN Review
As noted above, the connection speed is super important. So, I am decided to test dissimilar areas of the world to see how they worked. My pre-VPN speed at home in the UK was: To be fair, the sluggishness of the Costa Rica connection could be down to a slow local network and not the fault of NordVPN. In each case, I tested a connection to a destination as close as possible to the VPN server location. Do these speeds matter? The Ping refers to the round-trip time of the single packet. So, the slower the ping the less suitable that connection would be for communicating applications, such as internet telephony or online gaming. Its uploading speeds are only important if you prepare your planning or running your own server at home. Its download speeds are particularly important for streaming video. If the connection is too slow, you will be getting pauses in the playback and also scrambled frames and jumps in the video play. HBO Go has recommended a minimum of 03 Mbps to stream its videos over the internet. The Netflix has recommended 03 Mbps for SD streaming and 05 Mbps for HD video. All of these tests, I would have been OK streaming video, except if I wanted to access any video sites in Costa Rica from the UK.

DNS leak testing

After running a handful of dissimilar DNS Leak Test the web services provide a variety of VPN location choices I am glad to say that I didn’t find a leak anywhere. This is not shocking, though, because NordVPN has a DNS leak defense program running 24/7 to repeatedly detect and repair any leaks.

Mobile testing

I have installed the NordVPN app on my personal Android. The NordVPN website informs that the app available in Google Play has some performance restrictions on it and it is improved to download the version available on the company website. This app has the same functions as the computer version, but its layout is a little different from other VPN. Its right-hand menu in the computer screen app is below the map in the mobile app. When I examining the list which is available servers for a country, the mobile app has given the server’s distance from your working location, that is not information that the computer-based app gives. Though the computer app shows the load on each server the mobile app does not. I was surprised that this VPN connection transitioned flawlessly when it changing from a Wi-Fi network to a 3G network. It did not have to disconnect and reconnect – it just flowed flawlessly into the new connection.


NordVPN Review

Log keeping

The matter of log keeping is of vital importance in the whole VPN industry. No matter how strongminded a company is to protect the privacy of its clients, they cannot stop the police from forcing their way in and grabbing their servers if somebody brings out a court order. The only defense from this intrusion is if there is no information on those servers. The head office location of NordVPN in Panama makes it stiffer for US and European authorities or copyright owners to sue them, but it doesn’t defend your secrecy completely. Every server location is a legal susceptibility. Fortunately, thanks to the NordVPN no logs policy, there is no information to seize. NordVPN accepts payment by Bitcoin too, which is the best method that customers can use in order to protect their anonymity.

Transmission Security

The major weaker point of any kind of secure system occurs at the point of session establishment. When the connection has been made, encryption and verification systems make it harder for a hacker to steal personal data from the user. Like as most VPNs, NordVPN has used a system called OpenVPN for its security measures. This includes a session complete protection library called OpenSSL. “SSL” is a contradiction and a bit of a reversion. The term is widely used in networking technology and it stands for “Secure Socket Layer.” This system is put security into HTTPS (HTTP Secure) and it can make it a secure version of HTTP, the system that transports all web pages. SSL was outdated by Transport Layer Security (TLS) after a long time ago and it is TLS that has protected the session establishment procedures of NordVPN.

The TLS protocol centers on server verification procedures have required access to certification. That certificate delivers an encryption cipher that the user can use to challenge the server to prove its identity. NordVPN using a 2048-bit RSA key for this process, which, to date, has never been cracked. The RSA cipher has protected the delivery of the session encryption key. This key is regular, which means that both sides have to know a similar key in order to communicate. The NordVPN can use a 256-bit AES cypher for session encryption. This is the strongest encryption system used commercially in the hole world today and is impossible to crack.

Website Blocking

Websites will be able to identify where a connection request comes from and selectively block them. It’s called “regional restrictions” and the practice is mainly predominant among video flowing sites. This is because TV stations only pay for the rights to display videos in exact countries, so if they let people access their libraries or live streaming from anywhere, they could be charged by the producers of that content. It is comprehensible why flowing services implement regional restrictions but it is also very annoying. Luckily, VPNs can get around these access blocks by making it look as though you are in the country that has access to the site.

NordVPN is the best at getting around regional limits. It can get you into the BBC iPlayer even if you aren’t in the UK and it can be getting you into the streaming websites of the major US T.V networks even though you are outside of the USA. There is one streaming website that has gone to such distance to block access from foreign that it has become the criterion of performance in the VPN industry. Its local limitations are so difficult to get into that most VPN companies will be telling you that it can’t be done. That site by called with the name Netflix and NordVPN can get you cross-border access to it – as long as you have a Netflix subscription. It can be getting into the Netflix video libraries for the UK, US, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, and Italy from outside of those countries. This NordVPN can also get you into Hulu for the USA and Japan from outside those countries, which is available into Amazon Prime Video in the country where you have an account and Sky Go, Channel 4, ITV, and the BBC iPlayer while you are outside of the UK. It can get you video access in the ABC network from outside of the USA.


Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, and better than most at that. Just you check out this video of me accessing US Netflix from Canada with NordVPN to watch just how easy it is. The NordVPN has unblocked numerous streaming sites including but not limited to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ABC iView, and Hulu. The NordVPN achieves this through its trademarked SmartPlay feature, which is changed on in the settings by default. A fast test by us proves NordVPN worked as assured with Netflix. We have rounded up here a list of other VPNs for Netflix which have worked in our testing and here are many more details on NordVPN and Netflix.

If I need to access another country’s Netflix library, this VPN can be unblocking Netflix Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, UK, and the USA. You can connect to pretty much any server to unblock Netflix from overseas, but all of them except those I just revealed will redirect you to the US version. This powerful VPN has been unblocking streaming services a lot longer than most providers, which makes me hopeful that it will continue to do so. This app has been worked with all of the Kodi add-ons we’ve tested them. The Linux and Amazon Firestick NordVPN apps are mostly useful to Kodi clients who are streaming on those devices.


This VPN is one of the top five VPN services in the entire world. It is a very low price for all of its competences. More expensive services are not able to get you into Netflix as NordVPN can. The security system extras of this provider, such as the double-hop VPN and the CyberSec ability are unique and should be considered world-beaters. Its allowance of 6 immediate connections is also remarkably generous in the industry.
The server network of NordVPN is one of the Huger in the whole world and the secrecy and privacy services it has provided are very tough. The security of its connections is strong as you could expect from anyone and it’s no logs policy is totally trustworthy. However, sometime NordVPN loses points because in certain locations it is just too slow. The fresh security breach in Finland should also give us all pause for thought. Though the company has gone to great distances to correct its intrusion defenses, I have to wonder why those measures were implemented in the first place.