Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy VPN Review

The Headquarters of Ivacy VPN in the strange and delightful island-nation of Singapore. The Ivacy VPN has been protecting its customer’s online experiences since early 2007. Notwithstanding, their remarkable decade-plus period in the VPN marketplace, Ivacy is still a comparatively unknown brand. Operated under the authority of PMG Private Limited, Ivacy is an understandably private company. And this wonders me. In fact, in 2010, it was Ivacy’s equipped team that was answerable for launch the groundbreaking concept of split searching, a technology that has allowed users to decide what traffic is sent through an ISP and what traffic is threatened by their VPN. So with all of this in mind, I have decided to review Ivacy for myself to see whether or not this comparatively unknown VPN could play in the “Big Leagues”. Although it’s based in Singapore, which sometimes faces restriction issues of their own, Ivacy has proven itself as a brilliant VPN.

Ivacy VPN Review

The VPN has standard encryption and security with 256-bit military-grade encryption and numerous protocols including IKeV, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, TCP, and UD. One best thing is that Ivacy has a kill-switch, which will disconnect your internet connection if there is a leak. Though the kill-switch tends to work, we have experienced a few instances in the past where it didn’t. Ivacy also does not supply logs; they only keep a track of the login attempts made to their servers. They have servers in over 100 locations with 275 servers and 12,000 IP addresses available in the entire world. The server list isn’t spacious, like Nord’s or ExpressVPN’s, but it’s more than we’ve seen with other VPNs. Users can also connect up to five devices instantaneously, and since it works on so many platforms, we’re definite you will use all five. As for streaming, Ivacy can access Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer among other streaming sites, which is no small feat. The speed is certainly enough to stream without lag or safeguarding. But the small server count means it might not be dependable incessantly. I’d suggest one of these five vendors instead, which are all assured to work with Netflix and have offered even better speeds. In addition to this review, the Ivacy has allowed torrents on dedicated P2P servers. They also have dedicated servers for Kodi, and since there are no bandwidth restrictions, users can torrent easily and also streaming as much as you want.

Ivacy VPN Review

In the previous prices haven’t been unusual, Ivacy recently refurbished its prices, and now they are fairly affordable. It does have a 7-days money-back guarantee for their one-month plan and 30-days money-back guarantee for their one and 2-years plans. This VPN is simple to install and also user friendly. It can be used by novices as well as experienced users.

Ease of Use:

The Ivacy VPN is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, game comforts, and more. Its installation is simple and fast. The user just goes to the download page to get the version for their platform. I will be added here to its devoted apps for many platforms, there are teaching manuals for Blackberry, Linux, Smart TV, Kodi, consoles, OpenElec, and routers. Every soiled step is clarified clearly with screenshots to help users. And if the user still gets stuck, contact their team on the live conversation for guidance.


Ivacy VPN Review

This VPN recently changed its pricing plan and now they are extremely affordable. User can be purchasing their different plans according to their availability list like a one-month, one-year, or two-year plan. And best of all, the user has got a 30-days money-back guarantee for one-year plans, and 7-days money-back guarantee for the one-month plan. This VPN has provided the 7-day guarantee; you’ll get a refund if you claim it within 7 days. You haven’t broken any terms, you haven’t used maximum 7GB, or run more than 30 sessions. This efficient and effective VPN works for users who accidentally paid extra because they didn’t turn off the auto-recurring option. This VPN has been offered a 3-days trial for just $2.50 and includes all the best features of the regular service. Its trial version is not openly advertised on their site and you’ll need to talk to their client service to set one up.

This VPN company has given and there are different payment options including Credit Card, Bitpay, PayPal, Coin payments, and others although the refund policy does not apply to BitCoin and Paymentwall.

Reliability & Support

This VPN has 24/7 customer support for several dissimilar mediums. Its services live-chat have worked within minutes. It has also provided facilitate email, Facebook messaging, and a contact form. Its customer professionally supported team answers questions with many solutions. That alone makes Ivacy stand out as a top VPN.

Ivacy VPN Review

A True No Logging Policy (That’s Upheld):

One of my major pet gripes when reviewing any VPN provider is an incorrectly advertised “Zero Logging” policy, and unfortunately, this tendency seems to become more and more universal by the day. This problem has become so marked within the VPN industry, that I no longer trust any VPN provider’s claims of “Keeping no logs policy” until I have read every word in their privacy policy.

Good Customer Service:

I am the first person to admit it. I did not have big hopes about Ivacy’s customer service. Forgive my pessimism, but after reviewing more than 60 VPNs, I have learned to have remarkably low opportunities when reviewing the customer service offered by a budget-friendly provider. After all, companies have an incomplete number of resources. If they have offered the best quality services at a budget-friendly price (as Ivacy does) it’s characteristically secure to assume that they had to cut back on another area of their business to do so.

Ivacy VPN Review

Though, with the use of this VPN, I was enjoyably surprised to find that their customer service agents were quick to respond and very helpful. Although I would like to see more detailed and thorough replies from their agents, I’m hard-pressed to complain allowing for the quick response times and effective support that I received.

Available Protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TPP, PTP, and IKev2:

What could go wrong?”, you think. “It’ll simply take a second”, you have claimed. So you whip out your cell phone while waiting for that ordinary latte. The main problem is that the network you’re about to connect to might be an ‘evil twin’.

I am Telling here how it works.

Some users turn their computers into a network access point and give a real-enough sounding name (often reproducing famous, well-known ones like “T-Mobile” for instance). When users connected, they’re connecting through their computer systems. And they now will advantage access to all of the information you used to log in, and also your browsing activity.

That means when the users pull out their credit cards or run a few quick transactions, all of that data gets logged because the internet connection is unencrypted. Unfortunately, this example of ‘WiFi’ snooping is one of the most common tricks.

256-Bit Encryption

Public WiFi networks are the most commonplace that people can try access to your online activities. And also, hotel and airport WiFi, which users would be thinking was rock-solid, are often vulnerable to attacks. Most of the public networks though are liable to bad behavior. Many hackers can run automated systems on these networks to monitor personally and they attempted to ‘brute-force’ their way into your accounts. The Brute force attacks will target the exact website’s login page and also attempt to crack the username and password combinations by running through endless differences until they finally land on the right one.

No TOR or Proxy Compatibility

While this is a slight annoyance for most VPN users, I was dissatisfied to realize that Ivacy is not well-matched with the TOR network or any other third party proxies. While this will not have affected the VPN experience for most users, they have added layers of security provided by TOR and other proxies can quite factually protect your life in some of the stricter countries.

Ivacy VPN Review

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Has a BIG Catch

One of the main problems that I had with this VPN pricing package is that they are not straightforward about the conditions for their 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s very common practice for a VPN provider to set restrictions on how many gigabytes of service you can use before your penalty your money-back guarantee. However, in most instances. This company is very well advertised and the customer understands the restrictions of the guarantee.
After doing some searching through their several policies and legal repudiations, here’s how the money-back guarantee works.

  • You can claim a refund within 30-days of your subscription date.
  • Your account has not already been suspended by this VPN for the opening of any clause mentioned in the terms of service.
  • Many Users have not spent more than 500MB of bandwidth, which includes both upload and download activity by using this VPN; or users have not exceeded 30 sessions i.e. the number of times users have connected to this VPN services.
  • You previously have not claimed a refund under this payment policy.
  • You have not used BitPay, BitCoin, Coin Payments or Payment wall as your payment method I think this is a very fair agreement.

Zero Out of Four Netflix Servers Worked

Ivacy VPN Review

Simply put:

This software doesn’t work with Netflix. And they have no aims of retrogressive that stance anytime soon.
If you want to confirm, you tested the following servers. Everyone let us down:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Netherlands

This VPN has even confirmed on their site, that “as the condition stands, all internet users will have to come up with Netflix’s ban policy over the VPN.”


As far as performance goes, This VPN is most scored but not great speeds overall. This above-mentioned VPN booked about 38 percent of the base speed on which is an average across 5 different country connections. Its UK connection was mostly battered and Japan was astonishingly zippy. Its VPN internet connection in Germany and the United States were also strong, but Australia was not remarkably fast.

Do I Recommend Ivacy?

At the end of the day and this note, Ivacy is an excellent VPN with satisfactory speeds, unbeatable prices, and also provided the very high-quality customer service. They have offered an easy to use platform with a profusion of settings and easier features to play with and while they are far from perfect.
What’s good about Ivacy?

  • It is very cheap only ($2.25/P.M).
  • It has provided very secure and safe services.
  • This VPN is given a True no-logging policy.
  • It is very easy to install and use.
  • IVACY VPN has provided Good customer service.

The Bottom Line About this VPN

This is a feature-rich VPN that’s can be stepping up their game. This Software has been around for some time now (since 2007), and we love to see the new developments to this VPN. This VPN has been made as to the user like and it comes with everything as user need. It has good security and encryption, powerful kill-switch, now in these days, it provides its services in over 100 locations. It has also provided the Netflix and BBC Iplayer, and very dedicated servers for torrenting and Kodi. Overall, Ivacy has provided its capable service, this VPN also added its security scanning for the download service which is very nice, and split tunneling is a handy service if the user wants to watch Netflix on Firefox. I think so, Ivacy’s features appeal to all of you then that might solve these issues.