IPvanish VPN Review

IPVanish has made a very strong feature as a VPN service provider long before VPNs became so common and has since only been further cultivating its service. That is the main reason why the company has been ranked in our number one position since 2013. It’s a comprehensive result for all devices featuring over 1,200+ servers across the world, it is servicing customers with the most secure and encoded internet connections since 2005.

iPvanish VPN Review

IPVanish has also one of the best VPN providers that can manage all of its arrangements in-house, meaning that all servers are owned by the company, and this VPN only uses self-developed software for its service. This toughest VPN on the market also boasts a huge range of powerful features that not only given faster speeds but it has also permitted a custom encryption level all of the other features. This VPN has given a special offer for Best Reviews to readers to save themselves a little extra.

0 logsNo free trial
Solid encryption
Need separate SmartDNS provider
Good leak protection
Presence in Fourteen Eyes
Accepts BitCoin
Enemies of the Internet countries
Customer support

This VPN is a US-based provider the Vanish VPN has been claimed to be “The World’s Best VPN Service“. Though they have a profusion of authorizations and sponsorships and it has offered an admittedly feature-rich product, and the question is remains, “Can they live up to their hype?”

In this note, I’ll be trying to provide you with a detailed answer to that question.

I will be taking an impartial look at IPVanish, examining everything from the company’s background, services, features, pricing, and more.

IPvanish VPN Review

This VPN has been founded in the year of 1999 under the jurisdiction of Mudhook Marketing (which is located in the US, Florida), IP Vanish has earned the reputation in the very shortest time as one of the top VPN providers in the marketplace.

iPvanish VPN Review

Over 1,300 servers (and counting) across more than 70 different countries (mainly located in Europe and North America). Their VPN services are fully compatible with every device and OS conceivable and they have devoted apps for Mac OS, Android, Windows, Fire TV, and IOS. For the more technical learning users, they also have allowed customers to manually set up an IPVanish configuration on Ubuntu, Window’s phones, Chromebook, and your routers. IPVanish has supported all major VPN protocols even allows users access to the download-free SOCKS5 web proxy.


The IPVanish is one of the best VPN for confirming sensitive data remains protected irrespective of where the connection is established from – even including public Wi-Fi networks, for example – mostly users give thanks to this VPN for their full arsenal of security features which it provides. With the use of every function of the VPN user, these dissimilar elements are easily configurable and changeable, confirming that all users can adapt their VPN to their own needs.

iPvanish VPN Review

Tier-1 VPN Service

Many VPN providers have worked with dissimilar companies to lease servers around the world and are supported to offer many locations at a low cost, and normally this means less dependability in terms of speed and uptime as well as more parties handling the users’ private data.

iPvanish VPN Review

IPVanish, on the other way, arrogances itself on being a tier-1 VPN service, meaning that it has full ownership over its entire network and only uses its network organization for establishing VPN connections. This means that IPVanish has complete control over each aspect of its VPN service and this VPN doesn’t allow to use any third parties to set up VPN connections, and since it has given to permission only party involved in establishing secure connections and handling client details. One of the few companies which can be truly trusted.

iPvanish VPN Review

This VPN user imitates this particular aspect, showing the load and ping times next to each server in the extended server list, for example. Its QuickConnect feature automatically picks up the best server and city depending on clients’ physical location, while it has given still saves preferences filtered by country, response time and powerful protocol used.

Zero Traffic Logs

iPvanish VPN Review: If users read from end to end the fine print in the privacy policy of many VPN services, you might be surprised to realize that their advertised “Nameless Browsing Experience” isn’t so anonymous after all. In real, if the user chooses the incorrect provider, his data and information could be kept on one of the company’s internal servers and the privacy policy (which you fixed too) gives them the right to use that data for whatever purpose they watch fit.
Inappropriately, we have varied feelings about IPVanish’s “no logs” policy. They’ve been in the news in the former for logging and giving the data for a Clint to Homeland Security, despite claiming that they have kept no logs.

IPVanish Speed Test Results

On its website, IPVanish has claimed to offer the “finest VPN speeds” through their “top tier” server network with locations around the globe.

iPvanish VPN Review
In the IPVanish review, I am tested many servers throughout the network. My baseline (non-VPN) connection speed was about 150 Mbps connection and my physical testing location was shown in Germany.

How much does IPVanish cost?

The cost of IPVanish is very low and everybody to afford it very easily. The cost of IPVanish is normal for high-quality VPNs that have offered premium performance. A little compression IPVanish and other VPNs it is marginally less expensive than ExpressVPN, but a bit more than NordVPN.

iPvanish VPN Review

With its regular prices, the cheapest user can get IPVanish for is $6.40/ per month with the annual plan. Luckily, IPVanish is presently offering a nice 57% discount coupon, which saves you rather a bit on the standard prices.
Note: This voucher only applies to the first billing cycle. Consequently, if you want the most savings, it will come through the annual plan.

Payment methods – IPVanish has accepted most major payment methods, including all credit cards and also PayPal.
Unluckily, IPVanish has been offered no support for cryptocurrency payment options at this stage, while they have in the past. When I asked a customer service representative about this he explained to me the change was due to the reason for large variations in the Bitcoin price and the high transaction fees, and he said to me, may we adding it again in the future. I am also maintaining an IPVanish coupon page to found the latest deals and promotions. Aside from using the coupon above, users will be able to see if there are any short-term sales, which will be promoted directly on their homepage.

Refund Policy – IPVanish has been offered 7 days money-back guarantee, which they explain on their website:

Strong Encryption (AES-256)

IPVanish will rely on the same encryption protocol, i.e AES-256, that is used by many of the world’s leading security agencies and government organizations. This VPN has provided the quickly increasing number of physical force cyber-attacks, this is a vast plus. Things got so immoral that, at one point, there were more than 25,000 unique attacking IPs every day! While these numbers should serve as a wakeup call to many website holders, it also should not be a cause for alarm. By surfing the web with an AES-256 encrypted VPN (like IPVanish) user IP address and all personal data will be secure from professional hackers to the point that your data is virtually “Brute Force Proof”

That also means that the user can get around IP specific censorship leveraged by schools, employers, and governments.

This VPN safeguards your data with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

This protocol is almost unbreakable. Even if the user’s internet traffic is interrupted by cybercriminals or government spies, they won’t be able to read the user’s data. It will just look like a series of casual numbers and letters.

DNS Leak Prevention

Sometimes your DNS desires can accidentally be routed to your ISP’s DNS servers, even happen when you have been connected to a VPN. This discloses your real IP location to websites, and it has allowed your ISP to track your online activity.

iPvanish VPN Review

IPVanish uses DNS leak prevention technology to ensure this never occurs.

When I ran numerous tests to check the DNS leak anticipation while connected to IPVanish, and I couldn’t find any leaks.

Automatic Kill Switch

Every automatic kill switch makes sure the user’s IP Address isn’t by chanced exposed by the result dropped connection with the VPN server. All Kill switches are rapidly becoming standard in the industry. I was dissatisfied to discover that this feature is only available for macOS and Windows.

IPVanish for Fire TV Stick

IPVanish is one of the few VPNs which has offered a native app for Amazon Fire TV Stick. With this app, you can protect your connection and also bypassing the geoblocks to unlock content from other regions. Its Installation is very easy, and it has given detailed its set-up guide on IPVanish’s website. How to install IPVanish on your Fire TV Stick:

Download Free SOCKS5 Web Proxy

Like many VPN providers in the world, IPVanish has allowed users access to numerous dissimilar protocols including the default OpenVPN as well as PPTP, and L2TP. While OpenVPN’s are usually the recommended protocol since they have offered quick speeds that don’t sacrifice privacy or security, they do come with a downside. You have to download a client directly to your device in order to access the exclusive certificate required to start a secure connection.

Luckily, we have an alternative.

IPVanish has given its customers access to a superior proxy server protocol which is known as SOCKS or Socket Security. This special protocol has allowed you to enjoy the same profits as a standard VPN without having to download any software to any of your devices.

Namely your Security.

This is a reason a SOCKS proxy can attain faster speeds than a traditional VPN is that it doesn’t use the same encryption standards. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer the above said privacy and security protocols that stop hackers, cyber-criminals, and also governments from accessing your personal important information. While the proxy does an admiral job of complicating your location, it does little-to-no good when it comes to defending your privacy and security. Even though this is a “Professional” for IPVanish and surely a unique protocol to offer, be careful and educate yourself about the SOCKS proxy before the captivating advantage of this feature.

Torrenting is Allowed

With the use of IPVanish, it not only is torrenting (P2P) allowed… It’s deliberately encouraging. In the entire world, unlike many VPN providers, IPVanish has no doubts about customers using their service to “Torrent freely and privately.

Their untroubled attitude towards torrenting might anger some anti-piracy advocates, but, for the normal VPN user, this feature is a major bonus.

iPvanish VPN Review

Ten Device Connection Limit

One of my beloved “Features” of IPVanish is that they have allowed you to instantly connect up to 10 devices.
Most VPN services around the globe, including premium companies like ExpressVPN, limit your concurrent connections to 3 devices at a time. This might not seem like a vast deal to some of you, however, for those of you with your family members or spouses, buying a second license can be huge prevention and unwanted expense. Though, with the use of IPVanish’s substantial 10-device limit, you, your spouse, and even your kids can browse safely and securely… All at the same time.

Some Servers Unblock Netflix

This VPN doesn’t exactly state on their site if they’ll be working with Netflix or not. Most VPN providers in the entire world have begun steering clear of formal statements over the past few years because the video-streaming huge now employs one of the classiest VPN-detection systems to date. But irrespective of their official stance, we still test them. We connect to dissimilar country servers, fire up Netflix, and try to stream something. Anything! At the end of results didn’t start well with IPVanish:

Security Investments

This outstanding VPN is also the best for security. Actually, other VPN providers should be taking notes on how to correctly configure a VPN client based on the work of IPVanish. It’s continuously a joy to access the different editable features, particularly since the design of the interface doesn’t limit access to any function of the software. This VPN has full user control over the likes of the VPN connections’ security and their speeds and also the total behavior of the tool. Within the IPVanish client, it’s possible to alter the choice of protocol for a fastest or more secure connection, choosing to let the tool automatically reconnected – that is great when used together with the kill switch – enable LAN traffic blocking or DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and much more.

Security – Is IPVanish Safe?

In these days, IPVanish has claimed to keep a harsh no-logs policy. This was not the case during a data-logging scandal in 2016. IPVanish complied with the Department of Homeland Security and requested user information. The single was involved in child abuse and pornography inquiry, and ultimately, this information helped the inquiry. Though, their compliance proved that they kept logs. It is significant to remember that the IPVanish provider is based in the US, and therefore subject to the 5/9/14 Eyes’ authority. This means that they can be summoned to turn over any records they have on single to the government. But is this a safety threat to you or me? Well, no, regularly because this issue has been resolved. IPVanish was learned by StackPath in 2017, and its new management guarantees that it does not store any logs.

Does IPVanish Have an AdBlocker?

IPVanish does not have a built-in ad blocker. However, users can be using third-party ad blockers but connected to IPVanish servers.

VPN Network

This VPN has servers in over 60 different countries across the world, including some infrequently seen locations such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai, and others. All of this it has provided a high-speed connection nearly anywhere in the world, though the real speed is as always dependent on each country’s own their internet quality, distance to the servers, the used of protocol, speeds providing by ISPs, and other factors that IPVanish cannot control. What it can control, though, are the number of servers available. The point that many countries in the world have several servers – which are used totally for its VPN network – makes this one of the fastest services available, particularly if using QuickConnect. The IPVanish has also allowed P2P torrent traffic – and supporting clients such as uTorrent, Vuze, and Deluge – that can be achieved either via a normal VPN connection or the limited and secure SOCKS5 proxy server that user can configure himself.

Privacy Protection

IPVanish has been supported 4 main protocols – IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN – which are answerable for the possible speed and encryption level of any given VPN connection. These all are changed anytime within the client to help attain the best possible VPN experience. OpenVPN is the best choice for desktop computers, for example, while the others are ideal for cell phone devices, with L2TP being the slowest but safest and PPTP being the exact opposite. IKEv2, however, is best for unstable Wi-Fi networks for both cellphone and desktop versions. it’s possible to easily change the ports on OpenVPN connections and also toggle the option for traffic obfuscation. Having enclosed IPVanish’s privacy policy and terms of use, it’s mentioned clearly that the company fairly claims to have a truly zero-log policy. This VPN is one of the few companies which can give a full guarantee that no logs are kept since it has complete ownership over its whole VPN network and it also managed every feature of the service in-house without trusting on any third parties.

Customer Service

iPvanish VPN Review

Along with the FAQ pages which are available in several dissimilar languages, the step-by-step tutorials per device and operating system are probable to already answer some of the most basic questions for setting the service up and using it for the most basic tasks. It has still, online its technical support is available 24/7 throughout the year via several channels such as a contact form that ensures email replies within a few hours and a live chat. There are also the support forums and the company’s social media pages, through which directly supported or public assistance is also provided. This VPN is very community-oriented since its blog features many exciting articles related to cyber protection. IPVanish has been offered to their customer support via its help section, email, and 24/7 live chat service. The fastest method to get in touch is via live chat. I only had to wait for a minute to receive a response to my question from a customer agent, who is friendly and polite. Hopefully, however, you would be getting dependable technical advice if something goes wrong with your service.

User Experience

This VPN is perfect for beginners. It’s fast to download and very easy to install. It has also given detailed set-up guides for every platform. You don’t want to configure any progressive settings in the app, but you can just fine-tune it to your needs.

iPvanish VPN Review
This app is very lightweight and also not hold heavy space in your hard drive. It won’t slow your system down, and it’s quick to start up when you want to connect. It’s very easy to change servers. For secrecy and speed, you should be selecting a server that’s close to your present location. To bypass a block, you’ll want to connect to a server in the location where the content is already available.

Do I Recommend IPVanish?

The answer is… It depends on what you are looking for. The IPVanish has been provided a dependable service at a sensible price and while it doesn’t offer anything revolutionary or truly exceptional, it does offer some features (like the SOCKS5 protocol) that make it attractive to a certain demographic of VPN users. Though, for most VPN buyers, I would be hard-pressed to recommend IPVanish due to the quality of their competition.

Bottom Line

This VPN has been delivered everything asked of a VPN provider and even more besides, which is the reason why it’s been our number one valued VPN service since 2013 by both Best Reviews experts and users.

The fact is that this company has full control over every single feature of its VPN service is just one of the many pointers of how the service has made such an appreciated reputation. A well-proportioned server network has often the largest seller when it approaches such services, but it’s worthless without the correct protection and fast speeds. IPVanish proves in all of these areas, and it even adds more safety features and wide support for all kinds of devices package in with a modest client that can be fully modified to provide the most personalized experience to anyone.