Hotspot Shield VPN Review

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

This program Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is based in California, first released the Us-based VPN service Hotspot Shield as a free Virtual Private Network(VPN) in 2008. It has been provided two kinds of services like a free service, and a premium VPN called Hotspot Shield Elite. There are more than 600 million users around the world and have installed the VPN showing just how popular this product is on the global stage. Our company scores this provider down due to being based in the US making it a poor option for those people wanting ultimate privacy. however, this is the fastest VPN in the world which is considered better for unblocking than for privacy. It cannot be supporting Open VPN, we have to test this Elite differently to other breadwinners, but the speeds we got were necessary 75% of our baseline speeds.. very inspiring. With the use of these speeds and a focus on streaming, it makes Hotspot Shield Elite a great option for those wanting to access streaming services like US Netflix. A huge majority of those people use the free version, and there can be no hesitation that Hotspot Shield has been an invaluable tool for people living in places suffering from website blackouts. I mentioned in this review, we will concentrate on the premium “ Elite” version of Hotspot Shield( Paid Version)

Hotspot Shield Pros and Cons

I am thoroughly read and working in this VPN and I disclose here are some of the key advantages and drawbacks I discovered while using this service. You’ll find more detail about each below.

It has provided excellent speedsThis application does not support Linux or routers
Vastly server networkLackluster customer support
It can able to unblocks Netflix and other sitesNo cryptocurrency payments
It can connect 5 devices simultaneously at the same time.Past privacy issues
45-day money-back guarantee (free)
It will work in China

Pricing and Features

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

Hotspot Shield has provided three types of payment mothed, ranging from a monthly rate of $12.99 to an annual rate of $ 71.88. Alternatively, you can leave $119.99 on a lifetime membership, a deal comparable to the Forever subscription from KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. While I was surprised by the range of options, Hotspot Shield’s monthly price tag is quite a bit more than the industry average of $10.42. If none of those plans fits your budget, you might consider using a free VPN, like the one provided by AnchorFree. One information that I discussed here that the free version o Hotspot Shield only allows access to servers in the US. The free version also has bandwidth limits and it totally depends on the device which the users use. All free accounts have capped at 500MB per day. AnchorFree also uses Android resources to be delivering infrequent interstitial ads. TunnelBear also has provided limited free version, but it has would not serve you ads if you opt to go that way. Proton VPN, too, has an impressive free VPN, though its speed is throttled.

Hotspot Shield’s Refund Policy

All paid package comes with a generous 45-day, money-back guarantee—one of the extents we have seen. This advanced Shield is compatible with most main devices, dedicated apps have offered for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
Does Hotspot Shield Have a Free Version?
Yes: it is true Hotspot Shield has a totally free version, but while the premium service is not free, you can take advantage of the 7-days free trial to check it out. As VPNs became progressively famous software to help secure your privacy online, more attention is being given to what VPN companies are doing to protect your privacy. Afterward, these companies could monitor your activity have much as ISPs already do. Anchor Free has gone to huge lengths to updates its privacy policy to be clearer and easily understood, and it should be commended for this. Furthermore, it has still contained different ways that are confusing and upsetting without additional context. It has opening two points that are continued throughout the documents, and are good criteria for any kind of VPN services. Our free VPN product will never stor3e or log users’ IP address elsewhere the duration of their VPN session, and we continuously deleted your IP address after you disconnected from the VPN. We do not have to keep logs of your online activities and never associate any domains and applications that you have accessed while this VPN is connected with you, your device and also your email.

This free version previously injected an ad linking back to a page on its own domain to webpages that are visited by users. In view of the above that attackers inject code into websites to trick users into visiting malevolent portals, I do not think genuine software should ever engage in this practice. Appreciatively, AnchorFree confirms that it no lengthier injects ads into websites nor does any kind of other VPN services including my list.

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

If you see ads with AnchorFree, you have been used free service on the company’s Android app. It has been noting that some obscured location information is shared with advertisers, while paid clients are not subject to this practice. I am also found a way to avoid sharing any location information, from the privacy policy. Hotspot Shield does not share users browsing history or any other personal information which is choosing to provide, with advertisers. The advertisers have banned from seeing your IP address. Furthermore, if you want to use the free version of Hotspot Shield, we may share this approximate (city-level) location. If you are working/using its premium elite version this will be the approximate city-level location not be collected and will not be shared with anyone. You are totally safe

Main Features Hotspot Shield Elite Subscription, you Get.

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

  • It has provided in 25 countries.
  • It has given 45-days money-back guarantee.
  • This Elite VPN has enhanced transport protocol technology.
  • It can kill switch.
  • It’s internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) leak protection.
  • It has also provided WiFi protection (auto connect)
  • This software has permission to users, use five simultaneous connections.
  • It has given browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome (Excellent and up-to-date)
  • This Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is given Malware detection (Chrome extension only)
  • It also can Adblocker/ tracker blocker/cookie blocker (Chrome extension only)
  • No data limits or bandwidth limits on Elite Subscription.

Easy to Use:

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

It is very easy to use and also a user-friendly interface. It has been supported by all kinds of popular devices. It has offered a VPN for Windows and a MAC VPN app. It has also supported mobile users with an iOS VPN app and VPN for Android users. It has a very powerful browser extension that has been available for Google Chrome on; Windows, Android, Mac OSX, MACOS, and the iOS operating systems. Hotspot Shield Elite an add-on for the Firefox web browser. Its free VPN plan has an unconditionally awesome resource, despite the fact that it has been found to be “Actively inserting JavaScript codes using iframes for advertising and tracking purposes”. These censures have comprehensible and the concerns are far from ideal. On the other way considering all users have got a data allowance of 750 MB per day, it is still very useful for those people who are desperate to get around local regional restrictions and control. Now, the Hotspot Shield elite was provided the main VPN used during the Arab Spring. It was also mostly used in Turkey during website blackouts in the around the time of the Military coup.


Hotspot Shield VPN Review

This company says they have provided services that are very fast, because of its branded Hydra Protocol, which was based on TLS and Open SSL. AnchorFree says that this protocol provides doubles download speeds of huge files and also has increased ping times. In January 2018, Hotspot Shield is by far the fastest VPN when I have tested it. It has scored about 64 % of the base speed for download speeds, which is faster than the previous speed. There all connections were fast including the typically slower connections such as Australia and Japan. This speed has been gotten me speculating how HotSpot Shield was scoring too high, and it may have to do with what is the main fact behind the scenes. When I first time connected with Hotspot Shield’s U.S servers, for example, I got an American IP search Engine Google taught I was login in the UK—thus it redirected my browser to Google.Co.UK and Netflix though I was in Germany. This amazing Shield did give me an insufficient DNS server in Germany that day, which likely contributed to Netflix’s confusion. This software has given this odd mixture I tried running some ping and traceroute tests, but many of them timed out. The day Netflix thought I was in Germany, I did achieve to get one fruitful traceroute from a supposed connection in California to Vienna, Austria. The elapsed time was 13.612 milliseconds, which has very impossible and I strongly suggest that the server I was sung was serving an American IP from central Europe.

Privacy, anonymity, and trust

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

This company’s headquarters are located at 1800 Seaport Blve., Redwood City, CA 94063. Its CEO is David Gorodyanksy and the CTO is Eugene Malobrodsky— they all are also the company’s co-founder. When the user has first signed up for the service, the company asks for an email address and a password, which is an attractive standard for ordinary VPN services. For payments, it has only taken regular options of credit cards and PayPal. It has no ability for anonymous or semi-anonymous payment forms like Bitcoin or cash. Even if the users could pay secretly with HotSpot Shield they probably would not want to once they looked at the service’s privacy policy—there are too many in there not to like if you are privacy-conscious. The AnchorFree says it does not store users’ IP addresses long term.

But it does “collect anonymous collective data about which websites. All the users visited and which app they use. AnchorFree has been saying it does this for analytics and troubleshooting, and this all information has never connected to any of users identifying information such as an email address, home IP address, username, etc. but that does not have to negate the fact that your browsing data is still collected by AnchorFree. Some users might not brother, but those who are very privacy aware should look away. This company has been published its first transparency report in Nov 2017. This report stated that AnchorFree does not and “cannot be providing information to Governments about what websites our users visiting when using our services”. It has never provided the identity or other personal information regarding our users to the said Government. It has also hidden your device information like your hardware model, OS version, browser type, language, wireless network, and mobile network information. This software has again this information that is never related to you and is used for analytics and troubleshooting.
One main thing which is told to the people that when you are using it free, ad-supported version you may also leak personally-identifying information to HotSpot Shield advertisers. When the user purchasing its premium version you are well secure from any ware.

Security – Is Hotspot Shield Safe?

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

What I write here is very complicated. This app does an excellent job of protecting your security and privacy as you browse. We have detected no IP or DNS leaks during our test of the VPN,s app: as you have seen, our real IP address and location in the US remained hidden. The best and strong VPN has been kept your connection secure with robust encryption, leak protection, and malware protection. These advanced and most powerful features all functioned as expected during our test. If you have been using the Windows native app, you will also have been protecting by an automatic kill switch that keeps your data/files safe, even if your VPN connection suddenly drops. Inappropriately, the kill switch is exclusively available for Windows. When we have tested for IP and DNS leaks with the Chrome browser extension, the result was not as great. While our real location and IP address in the US leaked, the browser extension was leaking multiple DNS addresses to the websites we have visited. There are two more issues to be aware of concerning Hotspot Shield’s safety. In the year 2017, the center for D3emocracy and Technology (CDT) has been filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is claiming “undisclosed and unclear data sharing traffic resending happening in Hotspot Shield Free VPN”. Essentially, they said that the VPN was deceptive users about the amount of data is shared with third-party publicists. This software has other issue includes a bug that a security investigator exposed in early 2018, which could cause Hotspot Shield to leak users’ real country and the name of their wi-fi network. These issues are something to consider, however, Hotspot Shield does provide strong encryption and other security features.

Is Hotspot Shield Good for Torrenting?

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

This software is the best ever VPN for torrenting. The company has been allowed torrenting on all servers and all device platforms. This VPN has to mask your IP address and also hide your P2P activity from your ISP. Hotspot Shield has also been delivered on its promise of excellent download and upload speeds, which is god ideal for P2P file sharing. All the users can even find torrenting help and troubleshooting guides in the website’s Help Centre.

Hotspot Shield on Netflix.

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

If the users have to look for a VPN for Netflix, the Hotspot shield elite may be value considering. I connected to the US VPN server and the service worked very efficiently and perfectly. When I connected to the UK server, and I was able to Unblock BBC iPlayer without any problems. This is very efficient and excellent. It has demonstrated that the elite version of the VPN works for unblocking content. This has also been able to Unblock Youtube videos IP leaks, WebRTC leaks, and DNS leaks.

Does Hotspot Shield Keep Logs?

This VPN’s headquartered in the country of US, one of the major founding members of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. One best news is that the VPN does not keep usage logs of your online activity. This VPN has been collected plenty of other important information. According to the privacy policy, Hotspot Shield logs mention below: –

  • It has a real IP address (deleted at the end of each session)
  • It has given Email address
  • You can put your username
  • User make their unique mobile ID
  • It is also provided, Hardware model
  • It has launch Operating system version
  • It is also supported by many Languages
  • “Network information”
  • It is provided MAC address and Wireless carrier

VPN Protocols

Hotspot Shield VPN Review

VPNs are advanced technology, and there is more than one way to create the encoded tunnel for your internet traffic. You do not have any worry about choosing the most part, about picking a particular VPN protocol, but I strongly appreciate services that give consumers that option. The usual VPN service has supported multiple VPN protocols and either uses the one it thinks best for the particular situation or allows the user to choose. These usually have been included new, secure standards like IKEv2 or my preferred option, the open-source OpenVPN. Meanwhile, AnchorFree has created its own protocol which called Catapult Hydra and uses it exclusively. it is very clear, in creating Catapult Hydra AnchorFree had did not created a new encryption protocol. A new encryption protocol would be requiring a huge amount of inspection since an undiscovered flaw could be used to break it. An AnchorFree representative freshly explained that Catapult Hydra uses the Open SSL library to encrypt the data and also that the new protocol is simply “an enhancement of the transport protocol.” AnchorFree has earlier told me that Hydra creates several channels for data to travel, with the goal of increasing speed and reliability. While many other VPN services in the entire world have created their own protocols, AnchorFree Hotspot Shield is the only one I’m rightly aware that relies exclusively on its own proprietary protocol.


This software has impressive speeds, low pricing, and a good number of country locations, though not a mainly thorough list. This policy which is given by the company is not ideal for those who want to conceal their browsing activity, anonymized or not or which internet-capable apps they use. It has fine if you just want to secure your internet connection at the local café or airports, but the service that’s going to keep you somewhat anonymous there are stronger choices.

Editor’s Note (Hotspot Shield VPN Review):

Because online services are often iterative, gaining new features and also given performance improvements over time, this review is subject to change in order to precisely reflect the current state of the service. Any changes to the text or our final review decision will be noted at the top of this article.