ExpressVPN Review & Test 2020

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review 2020: ExpressVPN is one of the advanced and fastest and most impressive VPNs which I have tested. And I have been tested too many other VPNs. I will run every test possible on ExpressVPN Review to dig it deeply into all of its latest features and see how well it really performs. I have looked at everything from server coverage and it speeds to privacy, security, and even client service and pricing.

It has provided very fast speeds across all serversSomewhat more expensive than rivals
It is also given advanced security on both apps and serversStreaming servers are not branded
It can easily unblock streaming sites from abroad, including US NetflixIrregular dropped connections
It was working in China and the UAE
It does Zero logs
It has 24/7 live chat support

ExpressVPN Review 

ExpressVPN Review

Does this ExressVPN work with Netflix? It is a very good question. Is it a good value for money? Will ExpressVPN keep you secure? And I want to know how fast is ExpressVPN? I regularly reading to find out.

Pricing and Plans

Features and services

When the user very first starts up ExpressVPN, it looks similar to its previous personification. It still has a simple single-panel interface with an on/off button, and it also provided the country selection below it. This advanced and most reliable version is a little cleaner than the one we looked at in 2017. You just click the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner, and you also can get to the options where you can choose your VPN protocol including the option of OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. It has a VPN kill switch, and also a split tunneling feature where the user can specify which apps will use the VPN. It the users get to the country options; they have been clicking the circular icon on the main dashboard. The whole country list has two tabs: (1) Recommended and (2) All locations. Under All locations, the user can find the whole 94 country locations, while the Recommended is a list of good country connections based on the user’s location.

ExpressVPN Review

The ExpressVPN does not have shown ping times or server load, but the user can use the built-in speed test under the “hamburger” menu icon to see the ping times and it estimated download speeds for each country. These all speed tests happen in a separate window and it does not show in the main country list. Users can, however, connect to the VPN from here. As I mentioned earlier, the ExpressVPN is $99.95 per year, which has covered up to five immediate device connections and is also available on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, macOS, routers, and Windows. There is also the MediaStream service for Fire TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, and Xbox that lets you view U.S. streaming media from overseas. Best browser extensions from Chrome and Firefox let the user control the app from the browser instead of acting as easy and simple browser-only proxy connections.


In our tests, the ExpressVPN was very fast. It did not hit the top-tier speeds users saw with HotSpot Shield, but it is in the row just below that. In these tests, ExpressVPN has been maintained 55.18 percent of the base speed across five locations worldwide during three different days of testing. That is most faster than most services we have assessed and is more than adequate to accommodate a home user’s online activities.

ExpressVPN Review

Privacy, Anonymity, and Trust

The ExpressVPN has promised not to log any of the users browsing history, or other personal data such as DNS queries and IP addresses, connection timestamps, or session period. It has kept diagnostic and crash reports, but one thing is that I really like is that ExpressVPN’s app on Windows asks you upfront if you want to contribute this data. That is an outstanding approach, which should be standard for all VPNs. Whereas ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs on the user’s activity, it does save data. It logs the version of the ExpressVPN you are using, positive connection attempts, which VPN location you have connected to and from which country. That’s a lot of information; while ExpressVPN says it does not log any IP addresses, neither your innovative or the one the VPN which assigns to you. ExpressVPN has also logged the total amount of data transferred in order to kick data hogs off its platform.

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN has been explained how its privacy policy works with its simple example, “We may know, for example, that our regular customer John had connected to our New York VPN location on Tuesday and had transferred an aggregate of 800MB of data across a 22-hour period.” ExpressVPN says an individual users’ actions cannot be identified since it all mergers in with the actions of other users. That is okay in all respect, but not great for anybody trying to maximize privacy. That thing that bothers me about ExpressVPN is that it does not publish its business address, nor the names of its CEO or makers. The company does have a person who put a public face on ExpressVPN, and that’s Harold Li, company vice president. This company says despite its position on anonymity for the makers (and no business address) it has working towards greater transparency. It was expected to publish third-party audits on its servers and “security posture” in the next coming weeks. The company has also worked with the Center for Democracy and Technology to define reliable signals for VPNs. It also publishes its security practices on its site. This is very good stuff, but I have still like to see more transparency behind who is running the show.

Fastest Speeds With ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a Smart Location feature which has allowed you to connect to a server with the easy simply click of a button. It has connected you to an optimized server for your location. Measured by latency, speed, and distance, it also makes sure you have the best experience with that VPN. ExpressVPN also provides a list of recommended locations if you have to need to access servers in other countries, measured using the same procedure. There is the option to view and connected to all of ExpressVPN’s locations, but the fast connects and recommended servers are ExpressVPN’s way of providing you with a guaranteed quick, reliable connection.

ExpressVPN Review ExpressVPN Speed Tests

It can be routing your traffic from another country to your personal device and get back again can, unsurprisingly, cause your speeds to continually slow down. While, ExpressVPN is known for having the ever fastest servers around the world, irrespective of where you connect. Is there any truth to the hype? If you understand how my speeds were affected, it was important to test my starting speed before I was connected to ExpressVPN. I was found that my super-quick base speed measured over 93 Mbps and the upload speed was 94 Mbps. When I tested my base speed, I have connected to ExpressVPN to see how my device speeds were affected as I switched between local servers and long-distance ones. If ExpressVPN is as fast as it claims, my device speeds should only be affected slightly.

Local ExpressVPN Speeds

When we using the Quick Connect feature, I have connected to a local server that is nearest to my home. This connected me to an East London server. That time my speed was 87 Mbps.
My speed only decreased by 6%, which is very inspiring. When connected to the local servers, other VPNs often cause your speed to drop meaningfully. When I was able to browse and stream with the same reliability I did have before I connected. Then I was connected to the smart location ExpressVPN had chosen for me, I have wanted to connect to another local server to see this would have any difference. That time my speed only dropped by a further 3%. That makes it a 9% decrease in total, which is very easy the best speeds I have had with any VPN.

Long-Distance ExpressVPN Speeds

When I started with a server in the US. I have connected to the recommended server which in my list in the app. My speed was 82 Mbps, it’s meaning my speeds only slowed down by 11% overall. With that results like these, you can see why ExpressVPN is easily one of the best VPNs for the US.

ExpressVPN Review

Finally, I have connected to a server in Australia to really test the distance. My speed was 54 Mbps. From my base speed of 90 Mbps, this means my total speed decreased by 36%. I was agreeably surprised by this, as I had expected my speeds to decrease by at least 50% when I have connected to a server so far away. Our ExpressVPN Speed Findings

when I am connected to a server on any other side of the world, my speeds were dropping much less than I expected.

Apps: What devices work with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has made apps for different types of devices than any other VPN provider I know of:

  • It has provided Windows
  • It has provided MacOS
  • It has provided iOS
  • It is supported with Android
  • It is given Android TV and Nvidia Shield
  • It is also supported with Linux
  • It has provided Amazon Fire TV

ExpressVPN browser extensions

Its new version Desktop browser extensions have available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Unlike many VPN browsers extensions, ExpressVPN’s plugins are not separate proxies. They all simply control the main VPN app, which must also be installed on my internet device. This is very useful for Chromebook users, for example, but less so for Mac and computer users. This application has extensions come with some added bonuses, including protection against WebRTC leaks and also HTML5 geolocation deceiving, that it makes them worth installing. The geo-location spoofing feature has been enabled you to hide your location by doing more than just covering your IP address. This website can still determine your location through the HTML5 geolocation API, which has used wi-fi and mobile signals, GPS, and other positioning hardware to determine your location. This trustworthy browser extension “spoofs” the location saved by the API to a semi-random point near the VPN server to which you are connected.

MediaStreamer DNS

Each ExpressVPN subscription comes packaged with the help of Media Streamer smart DNS proxy service. Many devices do not support VPN apps, but it has allowed you to change your default DNS servers. Most devices like the Apple TV, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, if you have gone into the internet settings and you replace the default DNS server IP addresses with MediaStreamer IPs. With MediaStreamer set up, I can unblock all kinds of sorts of region-locked content from abroad. Which has included Netflix and most other major streaming services, which I will be covering in more detail a bit later? MediaStreamer does not offer the same security and privacy benefits as the normal VPN, though. Inappropriately, these devices have connected through MediaStreamer and also count against your five-device limit.

Router firmware

Sometimes your device doesn’t support VPN apps and also doesn’t allowed you to change the DNS servers (Roku, Chromecast), after this whole thing you can still connect it to the VPN through a wi-fi router. If your router firmware has supported it, you can set up the VPN on it manually. However, this application has a better option. ExpressVPN’s router firmware has free and completely replaces a router’s current firmware. It has come pre-configured with all of ExpressVPN’s servers, and a ton of other features that let you have control which devices in your home use. You can use MediaStreamer, and which use a standard, direct connection. You have purchased the best router with the ExpressVPN firmware already on it, and install it yourself. If you go the latter route, you must double-check that your wi-fi router is well-matched and that you take proper precautions. If you make a mistake when irregular new firmware, it could permanently damage your router. A single router only counts as one device; it does not matter how many other devices connect to the VPN through it. So if the three-device connection allowance is not enough, this is the best option.

Streaming, Netflix, and Kodi

The ExpressVPN has reliably and trustworthy worked with Netflix nearly since the Netflix top started blocking VPN users. While not every server location has worked. At this moment, I strongly recommend going to the ExpressVPN website and you clicking the live chat button to ask a programmer which locations currently work with Netflix. It is a bit of a bother but, thankfully, ExpressVPN’s has supported desk is manned around the clock. Every country has its own library of T.V shows and movies on Netflix. ExpressVPN has been unblocked the US, UK, Canada, Japan and France versions of Netflix, among others. With the use of Netflix, I have found that this application unblocks the prosperity of other region-locked streaming sites. ExpressVPN works with all of the Kodi add-ons which I have used. It’s a new feature of apps for Linux, Android TV, and Fire TV to let you connect pretty much any Kodi device to the VPN.

ExpressVPN allow torrenting?

Most of the people, unlike most VPN providers, but ExpressVPN does not even push me to torrent on specific servers. I have usually just picked a fast server. Near where I live and start downloading. The P2P file-sharing has allowed and well protected. It’s a kill switch, or “network lock” in ExpressVPN parlance has been stopped all internet traffic if the VPN suddenly disconnects. That means when you used P2P traffic is always encrypted no matter what. This network lock is also available on desktop apps, whereas a simpler kill switch has comes built into mobile apps. The ExpressVPN apps have supported split tunneling, which lets you have selected which other apps use the VPN and which connect to the internet without it. This VPN is very useful for P2P file-sharing because you will set your torrent client to use the VPN while the other apps connect normally.


ExpressVPN Review Is unbiased, This VPN has great service. The speeds are remarkable, the device support is off the charts, and country locations and a number of servers are massive. No anymore question in my mind that you get more than enough value for your money. But I really don’t like that its creators and leaders prefer to remain nameless and that the company’s business address has not publicly available. As I have said many times before, using a VPN is all about trust, and that’s hard to have when you do not know who you are trusting. Eventually, then, (as with any VPN service) it has up to you to decide whether or not to trust the company.
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