BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN Review

When the user is looking for a VPN service, you mostly need quality, security, and features. BlackVPN, which is based out of Kowloon, Hong Kong, these countries have been able to offer all of those things and more, making it a decent choice for many out there in need of a dependable VPN. They’ve’ been valued as one of the most trustable and fastest VPN services, and they have over 100Mbit and 1000Mbit connections, along with premium sellers like ExpressVPN. That where the resemblances end. Dissimilar ExpressVPN, BlackVPN can’t consistently unblock Netflix and other famous US flowing services. One of the main concerns clients have when they choose a VPN is whether the company logs any of their information or not. With this strong VPN, you never have to worry about logs. They all do not have DNS logs, they do not keep traffic logs, and all they do not even have connection logs. Though, they have been kept your email address and also your payment history. The company has offered servers in a number of dissimilar sites all around the world including the United States, Brazil, Romania, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Singapore.

BlackVPN Features

Three-day free trialNo kill switch
Flexible plans and payment optionsNo native desktop app for Windows
Excellent supportDid not unblock Netflix US/BBC iPlayer in my tests
Neat Android app
Good speeds
Watertight security and transparent privacy
No logs
Based in Hong Kong

BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN Review

When the user uses this VPN, their real IP address will not be shown to the services or sites that users visit and use. All of the traffic is encrypted, which means the user does not have to concern about the ISP or the government monitoring your activity on the web. This software has also offered a number of dissimilar VPN routers including a TV router, a global router, a privacy router, and a single VPN router. You have been able to use BlackVPN with a number of different types of operating systems and devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, routers, Android, iOS, pfSense, and Windows Phone. They have offered L2TP/IPSec (4), OpenVPN, and PPTP. You have been able to use BlackVPN on up to three devices at the same time, and each of those devices can be used to connect to dissimilar VPN locations if you choose. While it has claimed to be unable to unblock Netflix US, the ability and also bypass the streaming services IP blockers is inconsistent at best. The BlackVPN does not offer the free trial version, but it does have a 14-day money-back guarantee. It is no queries asked for a refund. Just let the company know, within 14 days, if the user needs to get a refund. If they have any questions with the service, whether it is during the setup or though the user is using it, you can contact their customer support for help.

BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN has offered a number of benefits to the users, but it does have its own set of rules by which the customers wish to abide. Those rules are that user cannot spam, you cannot have hacked or do no harm to others, and do not do P2P on servers outside of the confidential locations. Naturally, the BlackVPn also have provided their full Terms of Service, that you will want to read before you sign up with them.

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Let’s discuss our full BlackVPN review.

BlackVPN Review

My Rating Criteria

Here I have noted a list of 8 factors that I have used to perform BlackVPN review:

  • Pricing – How many does BlackVPN cost?
  • Security – can it provide Encryption & features?
  • Jurisdiction –Is it located in the top 5-eyes countries?
  • Speed – How fast is this VPN?
  • Streaming –Is it work with Netflix?
  • Leaks – Is it given leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  • Trustworthiness – Does it provide Logs and customer support
  • Compatibility – It also has apps and supported devices

Pricing – How much does BlackVPN cost?

BlackVPN Review

This VPN has an expensive pricing plan. It has over 3 dissimilar packages in Euros currency. Here I am given a list of pricing plans (All Yearly Plans):

  • €4.08/mo (Privacy)
  • €8.25/mo (Global)
  • €6.25/mo (TV)

Its Privacy Plan will let you access all VPN locations except the US and UK servers. The world Plan will let you access all of its VPN locations, though the TV Plan will only give you access to UK and US servers. All users can claim your refund within 14 days.

Its Payment Methods

BlackVPN Review

Here I am given a list of payment methods that offered by BlackVPN:

  • PayPal (Credit Cards, Gift Cards)
  • Payment wall
  • Bitcoin & 40 Altcoin cryptocurrencies

BlackVPN Review

Free Trial

This software has been offered 3 days’ FREE trial to all users on its Android and iOS apps. This app has been coming with an OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption.

Black VPN Review Reddit: Disclaimer this was typed on mobile so if formatting is awful then so being it. Let it be known that I have bought a month of service on September 16, 2017. Now I have wanted to let it be known that they offered me a free month after my paid month expired once I have this review up.

The Bottom Line

There are no logs and broad compatibility, but lacking elsewhere. The BlackVPN has encrypted all traffic and doesn’t maintain logs covering user online activity, so a user’s privacy has always complete when users have using the service. This VPN has also well-matched with a host of devices, and including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. While the BlackVPN has been unblocked Netflix, this software can’t consistently do so, and it possibly leaving you without the capability to stream for a though until it finds another way in. Its client’s support is also lacking. Although a user can be submitting the ticket easily enough, there may be times when it has taken days for customer support to respond.